MS Journal II



By Jewel Tyler

As time continued to pass and my health was not improving, I decided to seek out a different neurologist. In the end, this was a complete waste of time. I ended up having to go through the same tests, EEG and the other tests I mentioned in my previous blog entry. Same results, I was having health issues because of migraines was the final diagnosis. Therefore, I decided to accept the diagnosis I had received from both neurologists. However, continued to not feel 100% like me!

The original neurologist assistant contacted me because I had not kept my follow-up appointment. I explained to her how I had been feeling and since the doctor stated my health issues were, only due to migraines or possible mini strokes I had opted to just deal with my symptoms. Not even an hour later the doctor called me herself, stating she really wanted me to have the spinal tap done before she provided a final diagnosis. This time, I agreed and scheduled the procedure; it was performed in a hospital.

I had the procedure done and scheduled the allocated time off from work suggested by the doctor. The first day I returned to work, I was sitting at my desk and I began to experience a headache unlike any headache I have ever had in my life. I recall one of the issues one could experience was a very bad headache that would go away if I were to lie down. That is exactly what I did, I lay on the floor next to my desk and the pain went away. One of my co-workers saw me lying on the floor and I explained to her what I was experiencing. Before I knew it co-workers asking 100 questions at once surrounded me. “Do you want us to call an ambulance, do you feel like you are going to pass out if you sit up, can you sit up, what can I do to help?” I once again attempted to sit up on the floor and the excruciating pain returned. I explained to my co-workers I did not want them to call an ambulance. And one of my co-workers Ms. B., that I considered a friend came to my desk, when she asked what I wanted to do, I asked if she would drive me to the hospital in my car. She agreed and retrieved my car. It was a scene I must say, approximately five of my female co-workers assisted me downstairs to my car and off to the hospital we went.

Once we arrived I was informed I needed to have a blood clot block placed in my spine because the hole in my spine where they had taken the fluid for the spinal tap was leaking. I was so nervous about them going back into my spine and also having the procedure performed in the emergency room. My reluctance of allowing the doctors to penetrate my spine in the emergency room was due to my sister’s experience. She had a spinal tap done in an emergency room and they severed her L5 and L4 nerves in her spine, which rendered her partially paralyzed. However, I was in so much pain, I conceited and allowed them to perform the procedure but only under heavy drugs. I was knocked out during the whole procedure only to awake to find blood everywhere. My friend who was with me stated during the procedure when they were first taking my blood to put into my spine I was fighting them even though I was under the influence of drugs.

I returned home and laid flat on my back for almost a week. I only would rise to utilize the rest room and take care of my personal needs. I finally returned to work and was contacted by the neurologist, she stated based on my results of the spinal tap there was no way I could have MS because I did not have a high count of certain proteins.

So there you have it, back to square one.

Labor day weekend, I was feeling pretty good, and decided to rearrange my living room and have lunch with my son. We had been joking around most of the day and it was the first time he introduced the LMFAO video and their new dance “The Shuffle”. I had a ball learning how to do the dance and made my son roll in laughter all at the same time. As the afternoon approached, I once again started to feel extremely fatigued. I was so exhausted; I could not even prepare our lunch so we decided to order out. Once the food arrived all I could do was lay on my sofa, this is where I also ate my lunch. I finally sat up to go to the restroom and that is when I realized I could not move my left leg at all. I called for my son to assist me with getting to the restroom down the hall. When I emerged from the rest room, my son was standing there with my car keys in hand. He said, “Mom I think we need to go to the emergency room.” I agreed.

(to be continued)


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