My Journey My Challenge – Multiple Sclerosis Journal X


by Jewel Tyler

Once back at work, because of the volume of work which had to be done, I started working from 6:00 am until sometimes 11:00 pm everyday.  The long hours at work started to take their toll on me.  I was overwhelmed with fatigue; my left leg was causing me so much pain and numbness.  The most challenging was trying to remember various configuration settings I had to perform on my client’s computer systems.  I recall one client that I had to totally reconfigure five of their applications.  I signed in on their server and my mind simply went blank.  I was so frustrated.  I had to come up with a system and organize myself to be able to perform my duties.

I collected various colored notepads and jotted down configuration settings for all of the different applications I was responsible for on a daily basis.  My idea paid off, especially for the client’s which required training on how to configure their various applications on their servers.  Success!

One day I was on the highway driving home from shopping, as I was driving my vision started to become blurred.  I wiped my eyes, and blinked repeatedly but to no avail.  I simply could not see clearly everything was doubled the words on the signs for exiting, the cars swooshing past me doing 75 miles per hour or more (that is the speed limit in Dallas on their highways).  I was so nervous, I recalled on one of the many videos I had watched on MS from the MS Society that if you close one of your eyes that is not being affected with double vision one could see.  It worked, I was able to get off the highway and pull over.  I called my son and asked if he could catch a taxi to my location.

The next day I awoke from my sleep around 3:00 am I had wet the bed, and when I stood up I had a very bad case of Vertigo and my vision as once again distorted with seeing double.  I immediately emailed my boss to tell her I would not be able to make it to work and explained what I was experiencing.  I called the Neurologist and she asked me to come into her office.  I was feeling a repeat of what put me in the hospital for a month.

Once at the doctor’s office, she examined me and explained she had all of my test results and her final diagnosis was I did not have Multiple Sclerosis.  I asked what could be going on with me?  She replied “I don’t know what is going on with you, but I am sure it is not MS, your lesions on your brain even though you have over 9 they are not significant enough to be MS.  I’m sorry; I can no longer treat you.  I can however recommend a pain specialist.”  Tears began to stream down my face, I was not just dealing with pain, but Vertigo, double vision, incontinence, and numbness and tingling.  My left let was practically useless; and I was looking at this woman whom had just said she basically had no idea what was going on with me.  I stood and made my way out of her office.  A complete waste of time, money, and so much more.  I was devastated; I had no idea what to do next.  All I knew I was sick, and it was getting worst.

I called my family practitioner to schedule an appointment, maybe I had diabetes or something, I had no idea what was going to happen next.



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