I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2011.  Even though I had been trying to figure out for years what was going on with my body it took so many years to finally get a diagnosis.  Since 2011, I have now been diagnosed with Progressive MS April 2013.

My motto – I have MS – MS does not have me!  I continue to be a creative, productive individual!  Here is a little more about me:

Jewel Tyler always knew she would become an author and the love of reading inevitably directed her path.  A native of Washington, D.C., Jewel spent her younger years giving back to the community through a youth Arts organization she founded.  She left D.C. in 1989 to pursue a fashion design career in Los Angeles, California.

Jewel spent the last twenty years in several successful fields. In the corporate world, she used her technical expertise as a Computer Application Specialist. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her into several successful business ventures. She opened a chain of Exclusively Yours stores on the east and west coast – featuring handmade aromatherapy products, clothing and jewelry.  She continued her fashion design career in the entertainment world as an image consultant to new and existing recording artists which ultimately  opened doors for her to become the President of WOG (Word Of God) Records, Vice President to KNTD Publishing and a manager of several recording artists. Jewel is also interested in Naturopathic healing and is pursuing her Doctor of Naturopathy degree.

Through everything, Jewel never lost the dream to write and when the Lord called her in 2005 to put “pen to paper” regarding her walk with him, she answered  by penning  her intimate journey with God in the form of a book. The Skin I’m In – An Intimate Journey With God is the first in a series Jewel has published.

Jewel has received numerous certificates over the years as a guest lecturer for colleges and universities.  Her awards include nods from the late Mayor Tom Bradley, Michael Woo as well as Maxine Waters in Los Angeles, for her successful fashion design business and youth outreach programs.

Jewel currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  She is a member of Pneu Man Ministries under the spiritual tutelage of Professor Cornelius Ward.


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